Discover How To Master Guitar Chords

By Jon J Tan

Guitar tutorials put a heavy emphasis on learning to play chords. Once the guitarist has learned to play chords a world of musical potential unfolds. When the beginning guitarist moves from single note play to those magical progressions, the guitar will open doors to all the music you have dreamt of playing.

You have spent hours of practice time working on your single notes. Now, your guitar tutorial will bring your skills together and show you how to form and play the chords that are so prevalent in today's music. You may even improvise a few new sounds yourself. Here are a few suggestions to mastering the chords.

Keep it simple

From your single notes, playing the chords is a natural transition. Combining the single notes to form the chords will take some time to master, but the rewards are great.

The guitar tutorial will emphasize the easier chords first. By learning G to A, E to A and D to G, you will get a sense of how chords can be played. After mastering these elementary chords, you will be ready to move on to more intricate chords.

Stay positive

Although these chords are relatively simple, it may take some time to fully grasp the movements. Guitarists always struggle in the beginning. You may often think you are there only to suffer a setback. Practice is the key and a positive attitude is essential. Have confidence in your practice routine and learn something new every day.

By continually referencing your guitar tutorial, you always have a handy learning tool upon which you can rely. Eventually your practice will pay off. One day, the chord will kick in and you will be on your way.

See and feel the chords

Your tutorial will show the proper finger movements. As you script the movements, try to visualize them. This will enable you to gain confidence, build your timing and soon the actual movements will be second nature. If your make a mistake, see where your fingers are and compare that image with where they should be.

Remember that chords will test the strength of your fingers. As you move to wider scales, you will need to increase your span. The guitar tutorial will have suggestions about how to increase finger strength and expand reach.

Master one chord at a time

Don't put the cart before the horse. Stick with the plan of learning the simple chords first. Completely master the easier chords before dallying with more intricate moves. It is repetitive but rewarding practice time.

The root note is the base note of each chord. You must clearly identify your starting point and consistently launch the chord from that root note. Always, start at the beginning.

Let your guitar tutorial show you the way

Your tutorial will have diagrams for many chords. Study these diagrams as you walk through the paces. You should be able to visualize the diagrams as you practice. The key to building the proper chord sound begins with your ability to apply the diagram to your movements. Practice, practice and more practice and soon you will recognize the sound your chords emit. - 31840

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