Electric Versus Acoustic Guitar Lessons

By Tommy Beltrani

It's quite interesting to notice how guitar students have often the same questions when starting to play the instrument. In almost two decades I had literally thousands of people asking me the same questions over and over again. What I often do nowadays I just predict the question and give the answer even before they ask, to their amusement off course. This is my chance to clarify a few important issue. By far the most common question is whether to start with electric or acoustic guitar lessons and my answer to that 100% of the time is: Acoustic guitar! Let me tell you why:

If you play an acoustic guitar you don't need anything else. Because it's loud enough you don't need an amp or any other gadgets you would normally need when you buy an electric guitar. That should save you some money you could use for a better guitar or classes.

When you play electric guitar you often use more advanced techniques like string bending and tremolo bar, while if you start with acoustic guitar lessons you are going to practice basic techniques like strumming, chords changes and fingerpicking. It's so important to lay down a proper foundation and therefore to start with the basics.

Playing songs sounds more authentic on acoustic guitar and it will definitely motivate you to play even more simply because it sounds so good.

Acoustic guitar is easier to take with you on camps, friends house or wherever you want just because you don't need to plug it into an amp and it's completely self sufficient.

Starting on an acoustic guitar will make your hands stronger because it's a bit harder to press than on an electric guitar. This is a great way to lay down a good foundation.

I hope you get my point by now why you should start with acoustic guitar lessons. Another very common question is whether to use a steel or a nylon string guitar and in my professional opinion they are both okay fine to start with. A gear junky like me would actually buy them both but if you are starting out you might just want to make a decision based on the kind of sound you are after. If you like classical, bossa nova, spanish music then a nylon string will help you nail the sound while for country, pop, rock a steel string is what you need.

Once you can play comfortably on an acoustic guitar you can start thinking about moving on to electric.

Learn to play guitar is a very rewarding hobby and be reassured that the effort you put in will definitely pay off in due time. There's a certain level of practice required to see results, no matter what level you want to play at. So practice, practice, practice and remember at all times to have a good time. - 31840

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