Music Lessons Offer Many Great Benefits For Children

By Adriana Noton

Children are great and you want to keep them that way. As a parent or teacher, you want to give them all you can in life to help prepare them for whatever life happens to throw at them. It might be somewhat surprising to know that there many children thrive from having music lessons. Let us help you look at music lessons for children - benefits to help you understand what they can do for the children that are in your life.

When you look at psychology with children, they talk about a lot of different areas that need to be worked with throughout life so that it can fully develop. The cognitive development is the way they think. You need to work on their senses and attention. As well as work with the motor skills. Music helps a child do all this as they learn to play a musical instrument or sing.

Those who are into music do well when it comes to the two areas that a normal child struggles with on tests. These are the math and the verbal portions of tests. It is shown that children who are doing music lessons score better points on these areas. What parent would not want that? As these are the two areas that kids mostly struggle, it is nice to know that there is some hope for them.

Those high school students who struggle with math might benefit from this as well. As we all know, math gets more complicated in middle and high school. Those kids who have played an instrument while in high school has been said to have done better in math by the time they graduate.

Those who have had the music programs throughout their life have said it has helped them. It gave them motivation to stay in school. Though they did not fully understand math and reading, music and the arts program gave them something to keep them going.

There was even a study done to show the social impact that music lessons have on the social well being on children. These were even more amazing. Studies have shown that children who do music lessons often stay away from drugs and alcohol.

Studies have also shown that the simple music lesson can help a child when it comes to racial injustices, fighting, and boosts ones self esteem. This are all things that a child wants to learn to deal with, but in ways we cannot teach it. They have to learn how to deal with it. Many do this by putting the anger and the negative feelings to music.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that can happen from the simple use of allowing one child to do music lessons. Sure kids might give up on it like they do other things, but it is your job to encourage them to stick with it. Look at all the reasons one should feel honored to. If you do not believe us look at what the Board of Education has done to seek these benefits. - 31840

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