Start Simple With Your Guitar Lessons

By Bill H. Sheers

Did you ever dream of learning to play the guitar while listening to your favorite band? It doesn't look hard when you are watching them play, but it is a little tricky. Not nearly as tricky as you might think though. With a few quick lessons you'd be amazed at what you could do.

Do you just want to be able to play a few tunes for friends on the back deck? Or are you going to start the next legendary band? Either way, you can get good acoustic guitar lessons online, both for free and in a paid version.

What exactly is a acoustic guitar and how does it work? -- An acoustic guitar produces its sound through stings, a soundboard, and the body of the guitar. An electric would produce sound through the strings, but uses electronic amplification that allows you to hear the sound.

How many different types of guitars are there? -- There are 100's of guitar out there. I have taken the time to list of few a the more popular ones below. This sis not a complete list, just the ones you are more likely to come across. Here they are:

The Classical is the Gold Standard -- This is pretty much what people think of when we are taking about acoustic guitars. It has 6 strings: 3 treble strings and 3 bass strings. I recommend getting a basic one of these to get your guitar playing off the ground.

The Flamenco Guitar -- A little bit more advanced this Spanish guitar uses a little bit different strumming pattern than you will learn on the Classical guitar.

Steel-String -- A favorite of Bluegrass, Folk, and early Country western players. It creates a crisper and louder sound.

The 12-String Guitar -- Double the pleasure, right? Well, sort of. You definitely get a more chorus type sound from the 12-string. They started to become popular in the 19060's and 1970's. It's a cool sound.

Archtop Guitar -- Orville Gibson usually gets credit for this design, which is particularly popular with Blues and Jazz players alike.

The Bass Guitar -- Want to be like Paul McCartney in the old Beatles days? Well, you will need to play the bass guitar. The bass has a deeper sound than a classic guitar. You don't have to learn it left-handed like Paul, though.

Banjo -- This form of guitar sports a round body and a standard neck. They can have 2, 3, or 4 strings, maybe even 6 sometimes. Made famous by the back wood folks.

I love the guitar. It is really one of the few instruments that you can purchase at a reasonable price and actually learn a few chords quickly. Give it a try. I think you will be you will be surprised at how well you do. - 31840

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