Electric Guitar Amps-Buyers Guide

By Mike Lemburg

So you are learning how to play the electric guitar huh?Thats great! There is only one problem now, you need an electric guitar amp!

Have you ever heard that you will not need to get an electric guitar amp in order to play the guitar? If so, you have been lied to. Sure, you can always use a PA system and still have a decent sound, but this sound is nothing when you hear one plugged into an amp.

Right now you need to focus on what kind of amp you will purchase. There are so many amps out there it may seem almost impossible to choose an electric guitar amp that is perfect for you. These amps come in all types of sizes and prices. The good news is you do not need to stress if you are running low on cash. You can get a good guitar amp for around 200 dollars. BUt if you want to get an amp that will last your for years to come then you will have to pay a lot more for it. We suggest getting a cheap one for learning. Then when you are good purchase the expensive one.

So what types of things should you look for when shopping for an amp?

In all honesty, it depends on a couple different things. The first thing you will need to do is analyze your guitar.

Are you planning on focusing on a certain type of genre? If you just want to play some jazz music in a small group, you can get away with having a small amp. On the other hand, if you are trying to jam in a hardcore rock band then you are going to invest in a bigger amp that will make a lot of noise.

Next, you need to ask yourself if this is going to be your show amp or just an amp for personal practice, or maybe even both.

Obviously, all guitar amps have a different character. When choosing an electric guitar amp cabinet this is a major factor.

If you are wanting your amp to play a wide variety of music, it would obviously be a waste of money to go out and purchase every guitar cabinet out there. However, some of the top guitar companies have produced some amps that can model some of the sounds that we all love to hear. - 31840

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