Guitar Types - Understanding the Different Types of Guitars

By Drew Peterson

Today one very popular instrument happens to be the guitar. Of course there are a variety of different types of guitars out there. Various guitars have a different appearances, sound, and are a bit different to play. Trying to decide what type of guitar to learn and play? Here is a look at some of the different guitar types to choose from.

If you're seeking out a starting point, then your starting point should be acoustic. It might sound boring, but these are great beginner instruments. They don't rely on electricity, and are in fact able to produce a sound using only their bodies. These are made of a lot of different types of wood, and each wood may make a different sound.

There's a multitude of different acoustic guitars to choose from. One that you might want to look into is the classical guitar. This will serve a beginner well with it's nylon strings and great sounds. You could look into flamenco guitars, which are quite like classical ones but are thinner and sound a little better.

The 12 string guitar is yet another variant of the acoustic. It has twelve strings rather than the six you will find on other guitars, and while each string has an extra string which produces the same note, it is tuned to a higher octave, allowing for more options when playing.

Another type of acoustic guitar out there is the steel top guitar. They are close to classical guitars but are made with reinforced bodies and are a bit larger than the classical guitar as well. Their tone is a bit warmer, giving them a nice, mellow sound when you play them.

The acoustic bass is a type of acoustic guitar and it is basically a bass guitar that has no electric pick ups. The body helps to give the beautiful sound. In most cases these guitars have four strings, but some of them come with five or even six strings on them.

You've probably heard of electric guitars by this point, which is what a lot of people are looking to play. They are a little more advanced, and have electronic pick ups which amplify them. In order for this to work properly you will need to locate and purchase a decent amplifier. The body of the guitar makes it impossible for noise to be emitted without an amplifier.

The majority of electric guitars will come with control knobs. These knobs can change the tone as well as control the volume. Some guitars have whammy bars which permit you to shift the notes when playing, and be using them you won't have to reposition your fingers. These bars are often used to make a sound which is known as 'crying'.

These are just a few of the guitar types that you can find. Of course while you may want to learn to play a different type of guitar later on, it is best to start out on a classical acoustic guitar. Then when you learn the basics you can go on to experiment with other types of guitars to find what you really enjoy playing. - 31840

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