How To Play Easy Guitar Songs in 7 Steps

By Kurt Slubert

When you're just starting to play guitar learning easy guitar songs is a lot of fun. You have to be careful though and make sure you're picking the right songs. If you choose songs that are to hard it won't be any fun at all.

I wish I knew that in the beginning because the songs I asked my teacher to show me were pretty tricky. I practiced and practiced but just couldn't learn these songs. What a frustration because I wanted to play my favorite songs so badly. The frustration got the better of me and I stopped going to lessons thinking I couldn't play guitar.

After about a month of not playing guitar anymore I went to a beach party. I arrived a bit late and by the time I got there the party was rocking already. Everyone was hanging around the bonfire with the waves crashing in the background. There was a guy playing guitar while everyone sang all these famous songs. As I walked closer I recognized the guy, he started guitar lessons with my teacher about a month after I started. I was amazed and had to find out what his secret was. Everyone started leaving and he was packing away his guitar. I walked up to him and made some small talk for a bit and then I asked him my burning question, "How do you do that?" He said "Well it's actually very easy! I just know these 4 chords and a couple of strumming patterns and I can literally play hundreds of songs using just that." I couldn't believe it because I knew those same chords and strumming patterns and then I realized the songs I chose must have been to hard. So here are the 7 steps I wish I knew when I started.

1. Don't try and learn all the chords at once. Take 3 or 4 chords that belong to a key and learn them extremely well. For e.g. C Am F G.

2. Learn a couple of different strumming patterns to so that you can cover a wide variety of tempos and different feels ranging from ballads to uptempo.

3. Find a couple of easy guitar songs and if necessary transpose the songs that are in different keys to the key you chose to focus on in the beginning.

4. As soon as you can play these chord changes comfortably start by playing along to the Cd's or mp3's and use a capo if necessary.

5. Try and sing along or even going to jams and playing with friends so that you can get the hang of accompanying yourself or others singing whilst playing the guitar.

6. Make a note of all the songs you have learned so that you can have a repertoire handy of all the easy guitar songs you know.

7. Now that you can play a couple of tunes using the basic chords in your chosen key choose a new key and learn it's 3 or 4 basic chords. Transpose all those tunes you already know to the new key. Once you have that down start with songs that are a bit more challenging.

So by following these steps you will quickly learn how to use the 3 or 4 chords along with the strumming patterns to play a couple of tunes. It's a lot more fun to play loads of songs with a few chords than to know (or try to learn) loads of chords and not know any songs. This incremental increase in difficulty will serve you well in the long run. I'll leave you with a joke.

What's the difference between a jazz guitarist and a rock guitarist? A rock guitarist plays 3 chords to 1000's of people and a jazz guitarist plays 1000's of chords to 3 people. - 31840

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