Where To Find The Best Guitar Slides

By Jarvis D. Burris

There are many ways of playing the guitar. And one interesting way is the slide or the bottleneck method. The performer, to slide against the guitar strings, uses an instrument called the slide or the bottleneck. This way, the pitch is adjusted accordingly. You would no longer have to press the string against the fretboard to change its pitch anymore. All you would have to do is use the guitar slide. This is not the only thing that guitar slides can do, you know. By placing a guitar slide against a particular string, the length of its vibration can also be varied.

Guitar slides can be used on any kind of guitar. But steel guitars are the best for using these slides. This is because using slides make the steel strings resonate better. However, guitar slides do come in different materials, which should play a role in your choosing of such an accessory. Guitar slides come in two materials: steel and glass. In choosing between both of them, you have to consider one important thing about these slides first.

What sort of effect do you need to attain from guitar slides? If you would like to have a mellow kind of effect on the string, then you need to go for glass guitar slides. But if you'd like a sharper twang to the string, then you must go for metal guitar slides. What more, glass slides simply break for plain reasons, while metal slides are the opposite. You can drop a metal slide, and it wouldn't break in the slightest. This may be another factor when choosing between these two kinds of guitar slides. But watch out when working with chromed guitar slides. If somebody implies that you've a chromed guitar slide, do not be taken with it. Chromed guitar slides give off sounds that appear a bit cold and thin. Plenty of people like brass guitar slides due to the rich sounds they give off.

Playing the guitar with slides may seem a bit difficult and awkward to look at sometimes. But this is easily done when your fingers are made comfortable with the slide. You can take your pick from placing the guitar slide on your third or fourth finger. These are the fingers on which wearing guitar slides would be most comfortable.

Comfort is top concern when it comes to selecting slides. Make efforts to select a guitar slide that would make playing simpler for you. It better to forgot design and style and go for comfort instead. - 31840

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