Guitar Instruction DVD: You Decide When It's Time To Move On

By Nate Kelly

Once you have got an idea of the guitar players you should be listening to and watching, you will be able to go looking for bluegrass guitar tabs. With these you can learn picking patterns that you can apply to any songs you learn. You will also be able to pick up tabs for bluegrass fiddle tunes you can learn to play on the guitar, try any bluegrass forums you find, as well as tab archives.

When you are choosing your repertoire, you can spread your net wide. No need to stick to the Top Forty, go for the Top One Hundred of whatever decade you feel comfortable with. An easy way out that does not need too much research is to just jot down a bunch of Beatles titles.

There are also songs that maybe should not be played. "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton, "Freebird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd, "Smoke On The Water" by Deep Purple and "Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles are contenders for this list but that probably only applies if your audience is sober.

In this regard, these interactive sites can be well suited to novices and more experienced players alike. Once again, as with other types of sites online, you can learn techniques like the funk-skunk on interactive sites that are running online today. Finally, there are online guitar playing communities through which people like you can learn a vast array of guitar techniques including such things as funk-skunk.

First of all, there are some smaller sites online today through which you might be able to find some individualized attention when it comes to learning the basics of the guitar, including finger picking. In some instances, you can access the guitar lesson opportunities that are available at this smaller venues for a most reasonable fee. Through these sites you many times can garner some one on one attention from an instructor that has an established track record with playing guitar.

Most blues men use E A and B, some prefer A D and E, or G C and D, played in the 7th. Bla bla bla sixth this seventh that augmented this diminished that. What the heck am I talking about?

Now to get onto more technical stuff, let us look at what a flatpick is and how to use it. A flatpick is made of tortoiseshell, plastic or nylon. If you want to learn to be a flatpicking guitar soloist, you will need to learn to use a thick pick. If you are like most guitar players you will be using a light to medium weight pick.

These days, the easiest way to do that, to start your blues guitar lessons, is to download Jamorama, or Guitar Guru, or Music Master Pro--instead of hiring a teacher. There's probably a dozen or more other programs you can download that will show you the blues scales (or jazz scales, rock scales). They run about $20 to 50, depending on how in depth and how much you want to learn (still cheaper than hiring a tutor) - 31840

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