Here's Nice Little Guitar Lesson On How To Play Hammer On's And Pull Off's

By Mike Jones

In this article I am going to show you how to play hammer o's and pull off's.

Last time in the previous article I explained how to move the pentatonic pattern 1 up and down the neck of the guitar. Moving on from this we will now bring in a technique called the "hammer on".

So, for this example we will take pattern 1 at the 5th fret (Am).

OK, to play the "hammer on" you need to hold down the 6th string at the 5th fret and then pluck it. Then bring down your 4th finger hard onto the 8th fret with enough force to allow the string to ring out as though you had plucked it!

In order to master thus technique you need to practice. Practice playing the hammer on on all the strings in the scale pattern... This is known as "hammering on"!!!

You now need to build up your speed and over time you will find that you will be able to play the "hammer on" effortlessly playing notes quickly without having to pluck each string individually. Practicing this technique will speed up your overall paying ability...

All great guitarists have practiced. Try to pick up your guitar EVERY day even if just for a few short minutes, it's better than not playing at all and eventually you will find your fingers become on autopilot without you realising...

Following on from the "hammer on" we are now going to take a look at the "pull off" The "pull off" is another 'must know' technique and runs side by side with the "hammer on". This is a technique you have got to master if you wish to progress to becoming a great player!

So to start off we will use pattern one at the 5th fret (Am). Now hold down the 8th fret with your 4th finger and also the 5th fret with your first finger on the 6th string.

Now pick the string sounding the note at the 8th fret (C)

Here's the great part: Pluck the string while the note is still ringing with your 4th finger (pull off) to sound the note at the 5th fret (A), do not use your pick at all whilst doing this.

Make sure you practice this on all the strings up and down pattern 1.

These great and widely used techniques (hammer on's and pull off's) is a regular feature in fantastic sounding solos.

Practice until your fingers bleed! Only joking!!!! - 31840

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