Hot Tips to Learn Guitar Fast

By Margaret Moore

There is no magic formula for instantly learning how to play the guitar. But don't despair. There are excellent tools you can use to dramatically shorten your learning curve. With a little help and coaching, you can learn guitar fast... from the comfort of your own home.

It all looks so easy when famous guitarists are playing, but that is because these very accomplished players have spent large amounts of time learning and perfecting their skills. Their energies have been devoted to practice, and each of these guitarists has developed the discipline to be patient.

Most well-known guitarists actually made it big only after they had been playing for many years. But despite playing for so long and being so skillful, even the best guitarists encounter new techniques they want to perfect.

Take it Slow

Novice guitarists will first want to learn the various parts of the instrument and how each one of those parts works. When that is mastered, you can begin learning to play some basic chords. Don't be overeager and try to learn more difficult chords too early. You also need to avoid playing too fast. Playing at a slow tempo is the best way to learn until you've mastered at least a few chords and a simple song. Then, you can gradually speed up until you are able to play the song at the tempo it was written for.

Practice one chord at a time. Find the chord you want to play on a chord chart and practice placing your fingers in the position shown. Try to have each chord down cold before moving on to the next. Each chord should be played with proper hand placement and pressure on the strings. If a chord doesn't sound quite right, adjust your finger position and pressure until the sound becomes clearer.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice the same two or three chords enough times to be able to find them without looking down at the guitar neck. Then, you are ready to start playing simple songs. Find songs that use the chords you have already practiced and perfected.

Your confidence will increase with each new chord you master. Playing your first song is extremely rewarding, and once you succeed, your skills will quickly build and you'll start to learn guitar fast. This encourages you to study and practice even more.

As a beginner, you want to find reliable guitar training. There are several options for obtaining guitar lessons: You can take guitar lessons from a live instructor at a music store. You can buy DVD guitar instruction. You can purchase and download guitar lessons from the Internet. No matter what option you choose, the key is to make sure the lessons are of the highest quality.

Set Your Own Pace

Many guitar players like to hone their skills at home. This approach features several advantages, including a great deal of flexibility. There's no need to schedule an appointment with an instructor. You are able to learn at the pace you set. Lessons can be repeated until you have mastered them and are ready to move on. You can even skip lessons if you like. Also, the cost of home instruction is minimal compared to the cost of live guitar lessons.

To learn guitar fast, obtain first-class training, set realistic goals and commit to practicing for one hour each day. It really is as simple as that. - 31840

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