How Expensive Is Learning The Guitar?

By Hussey James

Guitar belongs to the chordophone family of musical instruments. There are six strings in a standard guitar. You can also find four to eighteen string variations in the market. Your interest and budget is what will decide which guitar will end up as your final choice. Primarily, there are two types of guitars: the electric guitar and the acoustic guitar.

In an acoustic guitar, the tone is produced by the vibration of the strings. The hollow body then acts as a resonance chamber to amplify the sound. Whereas, in case of the electric guitar, an electronic amplifier attached to it amplifies the vibrations. Both the guitar types are recognized as the primary instruments in rock, jazz, country and many forms of pop music. It can also be played as just a solo instrument.

This instrument attracts the people having a creative and a musical bone. There are basically two ways to learn guitar. One is to learn through a musical institute and other is through online guitar lessons. Both the ways are not much expensive, as it just requires a guitar and the guitarist. Moreover, you need a guitar pick and a chair without arms.

There are many guitar lessons for the beginners. A beginner should start from lesson one. Being a beginner, you should spend at least one week in learning the exercise and songs before moving on. In the first lesson, you will be taught to hold the guitar and the pick. Then your tutor will familiarise you with the parts of a guitar, scale, few chords and some songs.

The second lesson focuses on the exercises to strengthen the fingers in the fretting hand. Once you have learned to control your fingers, the tutor will tell you about some new chords, in order to play more tunes. In the second step, you will be familiarised with the string names.

The third lesson starts with the introduction to the basics of the strumming of the guitar. In this step, you would be introduced with the remaining chords and the blues scale. It is also called as the moving scale. This scale teaches you to play the scale anywhere on the neck. In the fourth lesson, you will be introduced with the power chord. Here, you have to revise the previous lessons, including the strumming lessons.

Next you are introduced to the "barre chord". Along with this chord, you will be taught about the leads and some more songs. The next lesson mostly includes revision and practice. Here, you are not taught new things, except a few of the chromatic scale patterns.

In the next step, you will be introduced with the new techniques. Previously, you have used pick for playing guitar. Now, you will be taught to use your picking fingers, instead of a pick. With each step, you move towards more complexity. This step teaches you to slide and bend the chords. In the next test, you have to pass through the quiz. The quiz includes the composition of more songs. Thus, if you have interest in music, the online guitar lessons and the musical institutes can help you to become a professional guitarist, without much expenditure. - 31840

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