Learn How To Play The Guitar

By John Wendel

So you have decided you want to learn how to play guitar! This can be a very fun, and occasionally frustrating experience. Like learning anything new, it is worth the time spent to get the fundamentals right before you start going into complex concepts. This article is going to provide you with some of the basic advice, and then it is up to you to continue learning what the playing the guitar is all about.

Already, you might have your own guitar, and that is why you want to learn how to play it. Should you not happen to have one, getting one is the first step in learning how to play one. It is hard to specify everything you want in a guitar, so the best choice would be to select one at a store where musicians play them. When you are sitting with it, you want it to feel comfortable to you. You are likely to spend money from the higher range of your budget, but you dont really require the most expensive guitar available.

Now you have the guitar available, you need to know what its parts are called and what they do. If you position your guitar with the body (large part) on the ground the following is a top down list of parts: head, tuning pegs, neck, position markers, body and soundhole/pickups. The head and turning pegs are at the top, the pegs screen into the head and control the tightness of the strings.

The body is the large part of the guitar although it can come in a myriad of different shapes and sizes. The body holds onto the strings and either has a soundhole pr pickups for volume and tone control. The body might come in very expensive material that will increase the cost of your instrument.

Now you have a good start on becoming familiar with the parts and pieces of your guitar, so you need to figure out how to read guitar music. The unofficial web name for guitar music you will find online is called tablature.

The music sheet has several horizontal lines running across it in sets of six set closely together. These six lines mean: from the top " your thinnest guitar string; to the bottom " your thickest guitar string. Four beats in each tab will be presented as numbers that correspond to the string you need to depress for the correct sound. Have a look through a few music sheets to get familiar with them.

Strumming is definitely one of the most commonly seen rhythms used with the guitar. Since you know what your guitar parts are and have started understanding music sheets its time to start strumming. A metronome will help you figure out the rhythm easiest, so set one and count out sets of four beats. Take your guitar, open with a C chord then follow your music sheet with a beginner rhythm. Just make sure you are keeping up with the 1,2,3,4 beat.

Now you are equipped with the information needed for basic guitar playing. You want to review the wealth of information out there on the web, and review some music sheets. Remember, you want to play with your heart so your audience feels it, and you enjoy it. - 31840

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