3 Proven Tips To Ensure Your Guitar Is Kept In Tip Top Condition

By Olivia Morris

We've put together a collection of helpful tips that will help you properly care for your guitar. By following the information below you can be confident that the note you pick will be the note you hear regardless of the age of your guitar.

Without question practice is what will make you a better guitarist. However, without your guitar being in perfect working order each time you want to use it, you'll find yourself quickly getting frustrated. Therefore, it's crucial that your guitar is properly maintained.

Why risk not properly caring for your guitar? If you don't, you will undoubtedly face having to buy and get-to-know an expensive replacement a lot sooner than you otherwise would of needed to.

Tip 1 - Dust And Your Guitar

It may seem silly, but just like other household objects your guitar will collect dust. This short term may not be such an issue, but over the months and years to come can seriously affect your playing. You should get into the habit of quickly wiping your guitar over at least once-a-week.

Tip 2 - Guitar Solvent And Polish

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet you can now easily come by dedicated guitar cleaners and polish. These normally retail around the ten dollar mark and is something your should certainly consider to prolong the life of your guitar. Warning! do not ever be tempted in using standard house hold polish as some makes have been known to damage guitars.

Tip 3 - Do Your Guitar Strings Need Replacing?

The No.1 tip for keeping your guitar working and sounding great is to get the strings replaced frequently. As to when you do this will largely depend on how often you play. However, an average guitar player should consider replacing their guitar strings every 12 weeks. Just check for obvious signs of wear if you are uncertain. You may feel that this is something you would like a professional to do for you as they will tune your guitar at the same time.

Just by taking the time to perform these simple tips you can be sure your guitar will sound great for the months and years to follow. - 31840

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