3 Tips To Commit To Memory Beginner Guitar Chords

By Curtis Weber

Have you got difficulty playing newbie guitar chords? Perhaps you blame your fingers for their absence of agility or speed, but the issue may be some place else. Issues playing chords on the guitar are often caused because your intellect is unsure exactly where your fingers are going.

A solution for this problem is to comprehensively memorize the finger positions for the newbie guitar chords you play.Here are three ways that you can enhance your mind's picture and recall of the chord fingerings.

* Chord Flash Cards

When I learned to read and spell as a kid we used flash cards. These small cards had the words we learned printed on them and we'd go through the cards many times to learn the spellings.

You may use the same idea for beginner guitar chords. Create some chord diagrams showing each chord's finger positions on small pieces of thin card. Or you could like to use footage of the chord fingering. Carry the cards around in your pocket or wallet and use them continually to review and commit to memory the chord fingering.

* Visualise Chords

With your chord diagrams or from memory attempt to visualize yourself playing the chord. Close your eyes and try and see your hand and fingers on your guitar neck. Initially you might find yourself distracted by other pictures, it will take some practice to be able to hold the picture in your consciousness.

Work with a still picture of the chord to begin with. As this gets simpler attempt to see your fingers moving in to the chord shape, or changing from one shape to another.

* Cardboard Guitar Neck

You could find visualisation easier with a simple cardboard guitar neck. All you need is a tiny rectangle to represent a part of a guitar neck, draw 6 strings and some frets on it. You just need four frets to practice open chord positions, no necessity to carry a full size guitar neck.

Now you can carry your mini neck around and use it to practice chord shapes during the day. This straightforward tool permits you to actually feel the movement and placement of your fingers. All 3 of these systems will help you improve your memory and recall of amateur guitar chord fingerings. Pick the one that is's most convenient for you, or use all 3. The mix of learning styles will make memorization simpler, faster and better. - 31840

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