Guitar Tutorials: What Guitar Shall I Buy First?

By Josh Dexter

What is Magnum PI without his Ferrari or a Jedi Master with no his lightsaber? Are there any guideline for buying the right guitar?

You should have a great axe if you I you aim to became a great guitar player. That doesn't have to be a 1930's Martin or anything but it should fulfill a few basic requirements.

Here are some suggestions that will help you make that very important choice.

Always remember you should try and buy the best instrument you can afford from the start and there are a few reasons why you should do that.

When a guitar sounds good you will play it more often and that's why you bought the guitar isn't it? The last thing you want is to spend money on a guitar that doesn't inspire you to play and end up giving up on music.

When the time comes to upgrade your guitar, and it will trust me, your instrument will have better resale value and you'll have a chunk of cash towards your new guitar.

Now what happens if you don't have any cash and trust me I've been there and know all about it. Well you need to find someone with a guitar that they're not using and ask them if you could use it for a while so that you can practice while you save for your own guitar.

If you already have a guitar and it's not good enough what should you do then? Well get a luthier to ook at it, see if you can pimp it a bit and change strings on it and you're off you go. A not so expensive guitar with a good setup is all you need to get going. And a crappy guitar is better than nothing.

I strongly suggest you get some good easy guitar lessons and start learning the instrument the right way from the word go. You don't want to learn bad habits or even worst get stuck in a bad groove just because you don't want to spend cash on good guitar tutorials. Here's to your success as you learn to play guitar! - 31840

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