Learn Blues Guitar with Blues Guitar Lessons

By Neil Gierlach

Playing the guitar is one of the most pleasurable musical exploits you can undertake. Many guitarists are self taught and there comes a point when learning where you want to take you playing to the net level. One of the best ways that you can do this is to learn blues guitar.

The blues came from the slaves along the farms of the mighty Mississippi. During the day the workers would sing as they worked on the plantations, and then by night they would spend their time in the Juke Joints in their habitations. From here the blues developed and grew, and from the blues rock and roll was born.

When you learn the guitar you will probably start by learning chords and piecing together songs from these. Once you get a bit more used to working the fret board it is time to learn some lead guitar moves. The best way to start learning is to learn some of the scales.

The most common, and perhaps important of the scales you can learn on the guitar is the blues scale. Once you understand how the blues scale is constructed you will be able to understand how it is used in other varieties of music. The blues scale therefore is the best place to start on your lead guitar journey.

In order to learn the blues guitar well you want to make sure that you master the basics properly. The best way to make sure that you avoid beginner's mistakes and get a proper understanding of the music is to have lessons. You can have blues guitars lessons delivered in a variety of different ways.

You could go for lessons given by a local tutor. You can find names of tutors from a music or guitar shop in your area, or you might find adverts for them in local newspapers. There are other ways to learn however.

With the Internet you have a lot of very useful resources at your fingertips to learn the guitar. You are best seeking out a structured course with video lessons and a clear structure. You can also find great backing tracks to play along with as you progress.

So if you want to increase your abilities on the guitar, getting to learn the blues is a great way to do this. The blues has given birth to rock and roll and many other styles and remains a heavy influence in modern music. Get the fundamentals of the blues pinned down and you will be a much better player for it. - 31840

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