Rock Guitar Lessons

By Matt Maguire

Have you ever wanted to learn rock guitar?

Whatever the reason may be, finding a fun yet informative set of guitar solo lessons to help you learn lead guitar is incredibly important for the basis of a beginner guitar player.

If you are really going to take your rock guitar lessons seriously, you need to find an instructor who has years of experience and who is also a certified teacher. Ben Edwards, an international performing artist with numerous years of experience, has traveled the world with his band, Degreesk, and became a certified guitar instructor.

Jamorama Lead Guitar, by Ben Edwards, is a solo guitar lessons program designed to teach players of ages and levels to learn lead guitar. Jamorama's lessons are the best available online, and come at a very affordable price.

Jamorama Lead Guitar is comprised of over 40 informational guitar solo lessons in video format to help you learn lead guitar faster and easier. Jamorama's guitar solo lessons go over all of the techniques with such great detail you'll never miss a beat.

With Jamorama, you'll learn techniques used by all of the masters of metal and rock such as, Keith Richards, Joe Petrucci, Slash, and even the Swedish neo-classic guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen. You'll learn basics like pull-offs, hammer-ons, bends and reading tablature musical notes.

As your Jamorama Lead Guitar guitar solo lessons progress, you'll learn some of the more advanced techniques such as raking, sweeping and even alternate picking!

One of the best features Jamorama guitar solo lessons offers is that it teaches you to play by ear. Successful guitarists understand that playing by ear is not only one of the most important things you can learn as a guitar player, but it is also one of the most difficult. It is essential that while trying to learn lead a new player be instructed and guided by someone with knowledge and experience.

It can take years to develop the ability to play by ear, however Jamorama includes over 20 rhythm tracks recorded by Edwards that help you determine what key a song is played in and which fret-board placement is needed to improvise an amazing, brain-melting solo. This also helps immensely in learning all your favorite songs without the use of an instructor or even tablature.

Imagine listening to your favorite rock tune and then being able to just pick up your guitar and strum along with it naturally!

The best news is that Jamorama is not just for beginners! Even advanced guitarists will learn from Edwards' more technical lessons to hone their already established skills and further their studies in music theory and musical composition.

Be sure to check out Jamorama guitar solo lessons! - 31840

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