A Twelve String Guitar Will Help Your Voice Sound Fuller And Grab Everyone's Attention.

By Yancy Leserge

Guitars with 12 strings have been in use since the late 1800s. These instruments have given singers that extra boost of sound lending an almost orchestral mood to presentations. They are even more popular than they have been in years.

Because of the double set of strings the 12 string fills the air with tons of sound and fells very large. They were usually tuned lower than a standard 6 string guitar and allowed the player to sing at a lower register. This means that one person can accompany themselves, have a full sound and not have to share a stage or venue with someone else in essence doubling their money for performing.

Their large, robust sound made 12 strings popular with Tex-Mex "Tejano" street musicians. These guitars were so loud that one player could get passing people to stop and listen to their songs and pay for the privilege.

Early blues musicians like Hudy Ledbetter, known as "Leadbelly, and Blind Willie McTell helped make the 12 string famous. Their guitar of choice was a Stella, made by Oscar Schmidt. These were somewhat inexpensive and stood up to abuse. Because these artists played mostly 12 strings, they sounded very unique from other blues players of that time.

Twelve strings fell out of favour until the fad of folk music in the early 1960s. When someone wanted a different sound they turned to the 12 string again. The Weavers had a player named Pete Seeger who helped bring the 12 string back to popularity. It soon replaced the five string banjo as the unique sound of folk bands.

With the advent of Folk Rock, the 12 string was electrified to stand along side it's 6 string brothers. Most major manufactures rushed to get into the growing market for electric instruments. Gibson, Gretch, and Fender were all putting out electric guitars with 12 strings. Guitars were made with single cutaways, double cutaways, and standard upper bouts.

The Rickenbacher electric 12 string guitar is perhaps one of the most revered guitars ever in history. It has graced the hands of Slash of Guns and Roses, George Harrison of the Beatles and Roger McGuinn of the Byrds. It will always be The Rickenbacher electric 12 string guitar. This is the one to get you hands on. - 31840

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